5 kinds of Method for removing integrated circuit of PCB copy board

      In the process of PCB copy board, due to the split of the circuit board, remove the integrated circuit and other components to make BOM list, and the bare board PCB split down the scan and copy board, therefore, in this process, the correct disassembly integrated circuit on the circuit board of PCB is also an important topic.

      Not only is in the process of PCB copy board, is in the circuit maintenance, often need to remove from the integrated circuit on a printed circuit board, and the integrated circuit pin and even remove difficult, sometimes damage the integrated circuit and circuit board. Here, we provide some effective ways to remove the integrated circuit, we want to help.

      Tin suctioner tin tin suctioner disassembly disassembly method: use the integrated block, which is a commonly used professional method, using tools for absorbing, soldering electric iron, the power is more than 35W. Remove the integrated block, as long as the chip pin dual-use iron head electric heating on to the demolition, to solder melted by inhalation of fine tin, soldering all pins after the suction manifold can be removed.

      Medical hollow needle removal method: take medical 8 to 12 number of hollow needle. The use of needle in the right chip pin should be caught. When removing the pin solder melted iron, timely use of needle trap pin, then take off the iron and rotate the needle, such as needles pulled out after solidification solder. So that the pin is completely separated from the printed board. After all pins are done, the integrated block can be easily removed.

      Electric iron brush with disassembly method: this method is simple, as long as there is an electric iron and a small brush. Remove the integrated block when the first electric heater, to dissolve tin temperature will pin solder melts, took the opportunity to use brush sweeping solder melt away. In this way, the pins of the integrated block can be separated from the printed board. The method can be divided into the foot can also be carried out. Finally, with sharp forceps or small "one" word screwdriver under the integrated block.

      Increase the solder melting disassembly method: this method is a method of money, as long as the chip pin to be removed to add some solder, the solder joints of each column pin connected, so as to heat transfer, easy disassembly. When removing electric iron each heating a column pin with sharp forceps or small "one" word screwdriver pry, two pin rotation heating, until removed so far. Under normal circumstances, each pin is heated two times can be removed.

      Multi stranded copper wire suction tin removal method: that is, the use of multi strand copper core plastic line, remove the plastic skin, the use of multi strand copper wire (can be the use of short head). The multi strand copper core wire on the rosin alcohol solution before use, the electric iron wok and the multi strand copper core wire on the chip pin on the heating, this pin soldering will be copper adsorption, absorption of solder can be cut off, repeated several times can be solder pin on the whole suck. The condition also can use the shield line in the braided line. As long as the solder sucking, tweezers or small "one" word screwdriver, gently pry the integrated block it.


(Source: Inside information)

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