Cadence PCB Design Solution

The physical and electrical rules of complex components, high density and high technology layout, higher requirements, all of which increase the complexity of today's PCB design, in which stage of the design process, designers need to be able to easily define, manage and confirm the physical / simple spacing rules and high speed vital signal, at the same time, they also make sure that the final PCB meet the performance goals of traditional manufacturing and testing specifications can be achieved.

CADENCE PCB design solutions for the solution design and implementation is closely related to the high degree of difficulty and manufacturing to provide complete design environment, the design of integrated solutions for all the design process from concept design to final product needs, including design input tools, PCB editor component library and an automatic / interactive router and even. The interface used in manufacturing and mechanical CAD, and with the increase of the difficulty and complexity of the design, the database can use a unified framework, model and library provides a fully scalable PCB solution for Cadence OrCAD and Allegro product line, the design speed and expand the scale to accelerate your design, so as to improve the design efficiency, shorten the design cycle, as well as faster production.

The Cadence PCB design solution is integrated into the following products: Cadence Allegro PCB Design LXL and GXL, Cadence OrCAD PCB, Cadence, Cadence, OrCAD and PCB.

The core of the Cadence PCB design solution is the PCB editor, which is an intuitive, easy to use, constraint oriented environment, which allows users to create and edit PCB from simple to complex. Its wide combination of functions solves the problems that exist in today's design and manufacturing. The PCB editor provides a powerful and flexible tool layout planning, PCB design Allegro platform segmentation technology provides synchronous design based on function, its function can shorten the routing time, and accelerate the product listed earlier, strong line push function based on shape brings Internet environment with high production efficiency, and can real-time display the length and timing of tolerance, dynamic copper provides real-time paving in the placement and wiring iterative filling and repairing function, the PCB editor can also have a full set of film processing, bare board assembly and test output.

Constraint management

Real time constraint management system shows the physical distance and speed / rules and their state, according to the current state, and can be applied to any stage of the design process, each worksheet provides a spreadsheet interface that allows the user to define in a hierarchical way, management and validation of different rules. This powerful application allows designers to create, edit and evaluate constraint sets with graphics, making them a topological structure of graphs, as an ideal electronic blueprint for implementation strategies. Once the constraints are submitted to the database, they can be used to drive the placement and wiring process of the signal line. The constraint management system is fully integrated into the PCB editor, and the constraints can be recognized in real time as the design process proceeds. The result of the confirmation process is a graphical way to indicate whether the constraint conditions are satisfied. To meet constraints, green display is used to display red without satisfying constraints, which enables designers to see the progress of design in time and the impact of any design change in electronic data sheets.

Layout planning and layout

Method of constraint and Rule Driven layout is conducive to powerful and flexible, including interactive and automatic layout of components, engineers or designers can design the input or floorplanning stage will be assigned to specific components or circuit area, you can filter or select elements by REF, encapsulation, related signal name, part number principle or chart / page number. There are thousands of components in the circuit board today, which need precise management. Through real-time device assembly analysis and feedback, the device assembly can be considered from the whole and meet the EMS rules, so as to improve the speed and efficiency of the designer's design. DFA (assemblable design) analysis. Allegro PCB Design XL and GXL provides interactive elements placed in real time, the rules for DFA examination, a two-dimensional spreadsheet package and device type arrangement based on DFA real time inspection device side to side, side to end or end to end distance is contrary to the minimum requirements PCB designer can synchronize the placement of components in order to achieve optimal routability, producibility and signal timing requirements.


(Source: internal information)