Detection And Repair Of Circuit Boards

I. chip with the program

1.EPROM general should not damage the chip. This chip requires ultraviolet light due to erase the program, it will not be damaged during the test drive

wifi microscope circuit board testing

wifi microscope circuit board testing

. Order but have information on: material caused due to the production of the chip, over time (years long), even if no damage is also possible (mainly referring to the program), so as far as possible give the backup.

After 2.EEPROM, SPROM etc., and RAM chips with batteries are easy to destroy programs. Such chips are in use <Tester> of VI curve scan, whether to destroy the program, yet to be determined. Nevertheless, colleagues who in the face of this situation, or caution I have done several tests, possible big reason: due to maintenance tools (such as testers, electric iron, etc.) in case of leakage.

3. For chip circuit board with a battery of not easily be removed from the board.


(Source: Detection and repair of circuit boards)

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