State Of The Art Circuit Board

Domestic research on automatic detection system printed circuit board middle period began around the 1990s, still in its infancy. Engaged in research in this area is relatively less research institutes, but also because of the influence of various factors, research for the printed circuit board defect automatic optical inspection systems also remain at a relatively early level. Because automatic detection system overseas printed circuit board is too expensive, but there is no developed country in the true sense of the printed circuit board automatic test equipment, so the vast majority of the domestic circuit board manufacturer or the use of artificial or projector with a magnifying glass to view the approach to the subject side. Due to the large labor-intensive manual inspection, eye fatigue, a high leakage rate test. Method and with the electronic products towards miniaturization, digital development, printed circuit board also moving high-density, high-precision development using manual inspection, the basic impossible. For higher density and precision circuit board (0.12 ~ 0.10mm), has been completely unable to test. Detection means backward, led to the current domestic multilayer (8-12 layers) of product qualification rate of 50 to 60%.


(Source: State of the art circuit board)

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